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Happy Traveller Ursula from Switzerland

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When Ursula asked for our help to put her dream trip together we started communicating with this total stranger.  We had a great time helping her to plan and book her solo trip to South Africa that when I had the chance to meet Ursula in Amakhala Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape I thought about it for a second and then packed an overnight bag! Ursula is this week’s Happy Traveller and these are a few of her words and photographs.
“I am still processing the many wonderful moments. It was an incredibly beautiful trip! It was perfectly organized – there was not one single thing that did not work as planned by you, Yvonne. My room at the Leeuwenvoet Guest House in Cape Town was spacious and practical. I loved the roof terrace from which I watched the sunset on Table Mountain. The room at the Mariner Guest House in Simon’s Town was modern, stylish and clean. However, the best ever was the accommodation at Reed Valley Lodge in Amakhala Game Reserve! It is old but well-kept and not just a room but a small apartment. The breakfast was excellent in all three places, but I really enjoyed the food so creatively prepared by Godfrey at Amakhala. Far more amazing was how many wild animals I was able to see! I was aware that this might be slightly smaller – not the Kruger National Park obviously – but I saw lions on all four game drives, besides lots of other animals. We even found a herd of elephants after searching for them for some time. Talking about elephants, there as supposed to be 600 of them in the Addo Elephant National Park, but they were not around that day 🙂
I’ll be in touch for the organization of my October visit. Just need to give my manager some time before I make plans for the next vacation…” Ursula, Switzerland, May 2016

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