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Happy Travellers Wendy and Simon

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“We had an amazing time. Thank you so much!

At Gondwana Game Reserve we got an amazing guide a guy who really made our trip fabulous. The food was quite good, but I think when booking at villa with full board it is worth telling clients to take some of their own drinks and snacks as it is a fully functional house and it is quite far from the main lodge. It is nice to have a G&T overlooking the bush at the house. Alternatively book the houses with half board and suggest to guests to bring their own lunch, snacks and drinks.

Gondwana is very good for families and the boys did a mini ranger course which they loved. I would definitely recommend it to families. The location is an easy drive from Cape Town just outside of Mossel Bay.

The Mo & Rose Guest House in Robertson was funky and had everything we needed. We stayed a bit longer in the restaurant when the boys went to sleep which was handy so thank you for booking that. I think that is a must if you book someone in there, it is very convenient. The staff were lovely and so was the couple who ran it, a German couple who moved there four years ago. The food in the restaurant was also quite good and the owner came round and chatted to us. There is really not much to do in Robertson on a Sunday as nearly all the wine farms are closed so it is worth only booking people in who will be around on a Saturday. However, we drove onto La Petite Ferme in Franschhoek where we had a fabulous meal and great wine so it all worked out perfectly. There is also a wonderful cactus garden at Mo & Rose….really beautiful.

Thanks again for all your help and advice.” Wendy, Simon & boys, Cape Town, Sept 2015


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