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Travel Tuesday: Grootbos Nature Reserve

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Only two hours away from Cape Town you’ll find one of the top lodges in South Africa – even though it doesn’t have a single one of the big five! What is does have is a fabulous setting above Walker Bay, lovely fynbos surrounding it, fantastic guides and staff and some of the best food you will ever eat. As a matter of fact it’s so spectacular even National Geographic paid them a visit.

You can enjoy a variety of activities, they are not adrenalin kicks, but gentle and well-paced. Our guests really enjoy both the land and boat based whale watching, horse rides, fynbos and flower safaris, archaeology, spectacular views from the Klipgat Cave and last but not least the responsibility tour and planting a tree.

Read what our Epic Happy Travellers had to say about their stay at Grootbos Nature Reserve:

“Everyone loved Fortunate and Beauty, our waitresses at Grootbos. The whale watching was excellent as the boat and crew were perfect and the whales and sharks cooperated. The girls marked this their second favourite horseback riding.” Michelle & family from Mauritius


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