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Some days are simply better than others ……

We- My daughter and I- were fortunate enough to spend a few days in Kariega Game Reserve, Ukhozi Lodge and once more I was blown away by the incredible beauty of this Game reserve. There are plains literally filled with animals and our expert and very entertaining guide Darren showed us some views that I can easily describe as God’s Window in the Eastern Cape. We had a great time tracking down the Lion and although hidden in the high grass in the far end of the reserve we did find this lazy cat eventually right after we spent almost an hour in the middle of a herd of Elephants, what incredible animals and how cute are those cheeky children. The bird life is another thing…. Long Crested Eagles, Fish Eagles, A secretary bird up close, the cute African Hoop hoop, the Knysna Lourie, several varieties of Kingfishers and so many more. I must say it does help when they’re all pointed out to you!

Not a good place to go if  your on a diet though which luckily we weren’t since the food is great, well presented and plentiful. I’ve always seen Ukhozi Lodge as the ‘Romantic’ lodge in Kariega Game Reserve, which it still is but now I know it’s also a great place for some special mother/daughter time. (If your children are 12years or older) Funny how my daughter has the same knack for enjoying our happy place, a pool with a view certainly does the trick for us…. Oh, and just like that there was a life defining moment in between, now my daughter is inspired to become a Game Ranger… Thank you Darren! Oh well, we’ll see in a few years time…..


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