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Happy Travelers Kevin & Chris

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We get so excited to get feedback from happy travellers, thanks Kevin and Chris from the USA for this great feedback.

“First, let me say that we were extremely grateful for the way you helped plan our trip. Your response time in the planning process was amazing. We had worked with another agent for a few weeks prior to finding you and had been extremely discouraged. The way you rescued us when we lost our return flight information was so welcome. Helping was maybe not so unusual but your manner and attitude was so very special. Thanks again. Maybe in the future we won’t be quite so scatter-brained. Or if we are, hopefully we will have you in our world. If that world is southern Africa, you definitely will be involved.

The only deficiency I found was that we did not have luggage racks in most places; that required that we live out of our suitcases which had to be on the floor — or the couch. Since that was the case everywhere, I’m guessing that is just the custom in South Africa, but luggage racks would have been welcome. The lack thereof will not stop our going back!

The car was delivered on time at Kariega and was what we needed. We didn’t kill anybody on the highway, didn’t get yelled at much, and I’ve recovered from the nervous breakdown from driving on the opposite side of the road. The transfer from our safari to Kariega and from Kariega to being on our own went smoothly and with no glitches.

Mossel Bay Protea is a very nice hotel and could not have been more convenient for shark diving which was terrific. We saw several sharks and very close! Wow.

Kariega is so very special. The accommodations are spectacular, the food yummy, and the people so very warm and welcoming. We even had the resident giraffe in camp while we were there. The game drives were so much fun and our guide so very knowledgeable. He found creatures that we would never have seen if he wasn’t so observant. I have a picture of an owl at dusk that is terrific.

Hog Hollow was a perfect ending. We were so tired when we got there that all we wanted was to hang out and do almost nothing. It was perfect for that. There seemed to be a lot to do if we had wanted, but by that time, we were pretty wiped out. It’s beautiful and the food and service were quite elegant.

All in all, we had a fabulous time and are ready to go back any day. Little problem affording it right now, but when we are ready to go to southern Africa, you will be our first call. Thanks again.”

Kevin and Chris,  October 2015, United States


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