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12 October 2015

Dear Yvonne,

I’d like to thank you again for organizing what was a GREAT week in Cape Town and the Cape peninsula. Me and my friends enjoyed our week there tremendously. First, the café’s and restaurants in Cape town, our climb unto table mountain and lion’s head (with spectacular views on the city) and the amazing nature which surrounds this exciting city. Next, our second destination took us along impressive cliffs and views on the ocean to Simon’s Town where we went on a whale watching trip (and saw a lot of them!) and also in my view the absolute highlight of our visit: the Cape of Good Hope. To top off our week, from Simon’s town, we went to Stellebosch wine district, where we tasted a lot of beautiful wines and saw a lot Dutch heritage.
Summing it up: an incredible journey in just one week! Lovely nature, exciting city, everything very affordable (I think at most places we paid 50% of what we would pay In Europe), so we could also enjoy going out at night. Thanks again for the quick and super service and for organizing such a great and varied week!
See also some of the picture’s I’ve made along the way!
Kind regards,

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