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Imagine you have a friend in Africa…..

Are you dreaming of a trip to Africa that includes a once in a lifetime safari experience, the marvels of Cape Town with its majestic Table Mountain, mind blowing sea safaris with whales and sharks, fabulous wine and food,  the relaxed Garden Route or the history and insights into how the isiXhosa (Nelson Mandela’s tribe) survived over the past century?

If you would like to explore nature, get a feel for the country and it’s people, kick up your feet & relax, get your pulse racing with a little adventure, play a round of golf or celebrate a special occasion (wedding, anniversary, honeymoon) give us your wishlist and a budget and we’ll tailor make your South African holiday with the greatest of pleasure.

Naturally we take the hassle out planning your trip. We make recommendations for great places to stay, arrange your bookings and even share our personal favourite restaurants, things to do and shops to visit. We go out of our way to make sure we create your dream holiday.

Be careful what you wish for, you now have three friends in Africa….

Claudia (the American African), Yvonne (the best-value-best-deal-ever Dutch African) and Bronwen (the African Kiwi) are the perfect team to help you plan and book your tailor-made African holiday. We plan and book for you in advance and are on standby while you relax on your travels through Africa.

Get inspired looking at some of our favourite places to stay listed on our website, read the stories on Facebook and contact us now to get your African holiday plans into gear.

Let the adventure begin. We looking forward to hearing from you.

All the best from sunny South Africa,

Bronwen, Yvonne & Claudia

P.S. Of course we can also tell you that we work with socially and environmentally responsible products with whom we have long standing relationships and are situated on fantastic locations and offer excellent service. And on top of that we understand our clients needs so you can expect prompt and professional responses which will showcase our famous attention to detail. But we didn’t want to bore you to death or brag too much, we prefer our clients doing that for us.


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